Demographic and Charge Entry

We at Assistwest believe in “Do it right the first time”. Most of the problems in claim payments occur when the patient demographic or insurance info is entered wrong even if it is of a single space in patient’s name or Insurance ID. At Assistwest we make sure that every patient is entered after checking insurance eligibility, after verifying patient’s name and date of birth with the insurance’s records to assure that claims for the patient do not get deny for no coverage at any stage. If patient has no active coverage, we also call patients (at client’s wish) to get updated insurance info to bill the claim and it prevents claim from untimely filing as well.

Charge Entry:-

Here at Assistwest charge entry is not taken as a simple data entry. We are aware that a single dot (.) or a single digit extra/less/different can cause a big problem. Following measures are always taken while adding charges:


• Dx LMRP is always checked at CMS website before billing to ensure the CPT and Dx consistency.


• Proper modifiers are used. Our team is well-versed with all modifiers used in all specialty services including pre-op or post-op, radiology and/or surgery.

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