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Patient Demographic and Insurance Entry

We at Assistwest believe in “Do it right the first time”. Most of the problems in claim payments occur when the patient demographic or insurance info is entered wrong even if it is of a single space in patient’s name or Insurance ID. At Assistwest we make sure that every patient is entered after checking insurance eligibility, after verifying patient’s name and date of birth with the insurance’s records to assure that claims for the patient do not get deny for no coverage at any stage. If patient has no active coverage, we also call patients (at client’s wish) to get updated insurance info to bill the claim and it prevents claim from untimely filing as well.


Payment posting

Payment posting team at Assistwest do not just post payments, they manage all denial eobs. Since the team has knowledge of end-to-end process, payment posting team also calls for the denials immediately after posting the payments instead of waiting for someone to call on these denials from AR calling team with a mindset that every single day is important to save a claim from untimely filing in all aspects. While posting payments following denials are immediately worked on:


AR Follow-up

Knowing claim status after filing has always been an important task in RCM. One can’t be confident that whether the filed claim will be paid or denied. It always remains uncertain. Assistwest has been successful in minimizing this uncertainty for its clients by timely follow-ups, taking corrective action ASAP and by its good control over the process day to day activities.