AR Follow-up

Knowing claim status after filing has always been an important task in RCM. One can’t be confident that whether the filed claim will be paid or denied. It always remains uncertain. Assistwest has been successful in minimizing this uncertainty for its clients by timely follow-ups, taking corrective action ASAP and by its good control over the process day to day activities.

Claim status: Assistwest team starts hunting the claims above 21 days every month to make sure that every claim is called on and the required action is taken on denied claims (If any) in a timely fashion to avoid untimely filing pains. AR team is well aware of the info that needs to be gathered on a call with insurance reps regarding a claim.


Follow-up: Giving a follow up call on a claim is as important as giving a call for the claim status. Impressive follow-up calls save a good percentage of claims from being denied for untimely filing. Here at Assistwest Friday is considered as a follow-up day every week and on this day all the follow-up calls are made which are due for follow-up. The Account Manager manages this follow-up sheet and have a look time to time to make sure that all the claims are covered before or within specified time allowed by insurance.


Invalids/Rejections: Invalids/Rejections are worked on every day to make sure that no claim is stuck in this status and billed successfully to the insurance in order to fasten the payment for the clients. Some invalids/rejections require a research to resolve and this is always done at Assistwest. Self research is an important part of Assistwest process system.

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